Tango Desserts

Summer Parfait

Kudos to local restaurant Tango, who consistently amazes me with their approach to desserts. They are one of a few places in town who are not afriad to move beyond the apple crumble/Creme Brulee/Cheesecake hackery which most places never stray far beyond (Note that the menu on the link is greatly out of date).

Kudos also to our waiter the other night, who unapologetically described the phallic nature of this dish in detail. Something that Tara and myself fully expanded upon after he left. I felt as if I was thirteen.

Seattle…gotta love it sometimes.

UPDATE: As Celeste noted, I forgot to say how it was….

This summer parfait, with frozen blueberry and apricot compote, based with a marscapone ice cream and set upon a meringue…

…was amazing.

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