If you’re a fan of both olives AND olive oil, a tapenade is a perfect recipe for you. Not only do you taste the olives, but if you choose an upper tier olive oil, the flavor of the oil stands out as well.

There’s truly not much to this recipe, which makes it a convenient dish to make for parties. This recipe also begs to be altered, and there are many variations besides the ingredients I list below. Think of it this way…any food item that has been stuffed into an olive on a commerical basis can be put in a tapenade. Pimentoes, anchovies, garlic, even parsley all make wonderful additions to this dish.

Also, avoid the canned olives for this recipe. Canned olives seem to have less taste than bottled.

  • 2 cups of pitted black olives.
  • 1/4 cup Extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 Tablespoons Capers

Place the olives in a food processor. Pulse a second or two at a time until you have a thorough but coarse “paste”. You don’t want the cut of the olives to be too thin, although I’ve known a person or two who actually prefers their tapenades this way.

Place olives into a small mixing bowl. Add the olive oil and combine slowly with a spatula. Add the capers and mix in as well.

Serve on bread, crackers, or any other item that works well with spreads.

That’s it. Pretty simple, huh?

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