Tasting News: Gekkeikan Nigori Sake

Nigori Sake is a roughly filtered milky, low alocohol sake. It has it’s place in the sake world (I hadn’t mentioned it in this article), but at the same time, most sake experts focus on the Daiginjo-shu’s and Junmai Daiginjo-shu’s.

Look: An odd, slightly viscous white liquid, looking not unlike rice milk. That is to say, almost clear on it’s rim and a plethora of tiny, tiny white particles, making the sake more cloudy than milk-like.

Smell: Sweet and almondy, with the very distinct waft of alochol.

Taste: Mouthfeel has a fine, gritty texture. The taste is sweet, but than qquickly finishes into a watery nothingness. Although the alcohol is there, it’s quickly lost.

Overall: Meh. One of the few sakes I actually dislike. It’s more the taste (or lack there of) than anything. Thie sake almost immediately loses a great amount of it’s character and is darn near water. For something as novel as a roughly filtered sake, there’s precious little else here to distinguish it.

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