Tasting Notes: 18 yr old Aceto Balsamico di Modena (Acetaia Bellei)

Official Description: This description of this balsamic vinegar comes from the Acetaia Bellei site:

The “Bellei” Balsamic Vinegar of Modena with an orange label distinguishes the vinegar that has undergone the longest period of aging in small wooden casks.

Its typical flavour is very pleasant and harmonious, and the sweet and sour taste is particularly intense.

This matured vinegar is recommended for ice cream, for dressing strawberries and in combination with Parmesan Cheese.

My own notes:

Look: Syrupy, with a deep brownish hue with a bit of red on its rim. The syrup that sticks to the side of the glass…and a lot of it sticks…retains a bit of an orange coloration as well.

Smell: Pungent, vinegar crisp with an aroma of an open box of raisins.

Taste: Tart at first, smacking the taste buds around like one would expect a vinegar to do, but then suddenly smoothens out, like a paved road after driving on a cobblestone street. Then it’s sweet, almost cherry like, with the earthy taste of raisins beneath the initial sharpness.

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