Tasting Notes: Cherimoya

Another week, another new fruit discovered in the aisles of our QFC. It’s very odd walking through this less than average supermarket, and then discover the one thing they do right: find odd and unique fruits. Color me impressed.

Also color me befuddled when I came across the this green-scaled fruit. My initial impression is that it looked like the heart of a dragon. Then reality set in, and I thought “No no. That’d be silly. A dragon’s heart would look like a muscle. Then reality really set in when I remembered that dragons don’t actually exist. Such are the conversations that go on in my head.

The cherimoya is believed to be native to the valleys of Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. From their it followed the path of the avocado and ended up in Mexico, followed by California in 1871, when Mexican seeds were transported and planted in the new state.

Eyes: Like I said, the fruit looks a tad peculiar, sort of a cross between an artichoke and a dragon’s heart, if dragons were to exist. For the record, there are three types of skin for at Cherimoya, and the one purchased had a skin entitled “Impressa” (smooth or slightly indented).

Nose: It was a clean smell, slightly tropical. The sign at the grocery store to expect a “Tutti-Frutti” aroma, but I had no idea what that meant. I determined the aroma to be a cross between that of a banana and a pineapple. But only slightly. The aroma was very subtle.

Taste: The taste was amazing. I would eat one of these again in a heartbeat. The flesh of the fruit has the consistency of a banana, but the taste is custardy, with hints of banana, grapes and pineapple. It was quite good.

Overall: Good gracious did I enjoy this fruit. It’s probably my favorite out of all of the exotic fruits I’ve recently tried. I do recall it being fairly pricey, but not so much that I had to think twice from buying one. I definitely recommend them.

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