Tasting Notes: Pallini Limoncello

I’m amazed at how much people seem to like the tasting notes. What is essentially a personal diary of new tasting experiences has seemed to connect with a few people. I find that very cool.

At any rate, one night I try a healthy fruit that I’ve never tasted before; the next night, new booze. It comes recommended by texmex. Limoncello is a lemon Italian liqueur, and I find it quite tasty.

Eyes: A bright yellow, which is very peculiar for booze. A quick swirl shows that it’s a little more viscous than most liqueurs I’m used to.

Nose: Sweet and citrusy.

Taste: Do you remember Lemonheads? There were two distinct tastes: The sugary-lemon bit, and then the tarty-lemon bit. Limoncello tastes like the sugary-lemon bit…with alcohol.

Overall: Count me a fan of this drink. It’s a bit sweet for some, but that means I can find uses for it in various pastries and the like.

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