Tasting Notes: Pepino Melon

Pepito Melon Here’s another recent find in my local Grocer’s bin. Called the Pepito Melon,it is native to Colombia, Peru and Chile. The plant is not known in the wild, and the details of its origin are not known. The fruit is grown commercially in New Zealand, Chile and Western Australia. Prior to this past Sunday, I had never heard of the fruit.

Eyes: Outside, it looks like a miniature melon. It’s fits nicely in the palm of your hand. This one had a squash yellow skin, with light green striping.

Cutting it opened revealed a deep hay color within the meat of the fruit.

Nose: Flowery and sweet, it reminded me a bit of American cantaloupe, but not as strong.

Taste: It has the texture of cucumbers, but a banana/melon taste to it, with a touch of honey. It was quite good.

Overall: I liked this more than I thought I would. Tasty and in single serving packages, I’m fairly sure that I’ll be picking this up the next time I see it in the grocers sections.

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