Tasting Notes: Raw Goats Milk

To those of you who are new to the site, Tasting Notes are my own reference notes. They are meant more for my future use and even my own edification than most of my other posts. Some people like these entries, others pass ‘em by. Feel free to do either.

For those not hip to the lingo, raw milk is unpasteurized, unhomogonized milk. It lends itself to a greater risk of bacteria and the like, but you get the taste of the milk back. Finding raw milk is damn near impossible unless your willing to head out to the farms on a regular basis.

Since I even get nervous when someone simply mentions the word “outdoors”, I have to wait until raw milk makes it to the stores I frequent. Last night, I was able to locate some goats milk at “The Creamery” at Pike Place Market. They are also taking orders for raw cows milk, if your so inclined. The bottle of milk (supplied by the fine folks at Rain Haven Farms) even comes with a warning label, letting us know that if we’re young, old, or pregnant, we should be careful. Thank you for your concern USDA!

Eyes: Not surprisingly, the milk looks like…well, milk. The only difference I can tell from the store bought moo juice is that when youswirl the glass, more milk hangs on the side of the glass.

Nose: Again, aside from the dairy/milk smell, there’s a bit more hiding underneath the aroma. It’s a tiny bit acrid, but not obviously so.

taste: I don’t think milk is for sipping, so I took a big ol’ swig of the stuff. The flavor I taste, aside from the silky milk taste that we’re all familiar with, is new to me in milk. The only other times I have tasted it before is in raw milk cheeses, but it’s not a “cheesey” taste. It’s akin to a “hay” type of taste, with a little kick of bitterness at the end, but not unpleasantly so. Some could mistake it for “sour”, but that description gives an incorrect connotation of state of the milk. It’s a fuller flavor for a milk, and it’s quite pleasant.

Overall: Milk with flavor! What an amazing concept! Here’s hoping it doesn’t kill me.

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