Tasting Notes: Tomme de Loubiere

Have y’all noticed that the majority of my tasting notes are cheeses? It’s accidental, I assure you. But good lord, what a way to develop a palate.

I picjed up this cheese at a recent run to Whole Foods. The only things I can find about this cheese is that it is made from raw milk, it’s aged more than 60 days and it’s also imported from France. Other than that, there’s precious little research I could do on this cheese. It seems as if my L337 Google skillz are failing me.

At any rate, here’s the notes:

Eyes: It has a non-cheese based organic rind that I am simply unable to place. Presumably this is meant to keep some of the moisture and tastes from escaping the cheese during its ripining process. The cheese itself is a nice creamy-hay colored off white.

Aroma: As obvious as this sounds, the cheese smells of a freshly opened carton of milk. It’s subdued but definately there.

Taste: Everything that American cheese wishes it could be. A nice creamy start, followed by sweetness and then a slight walnuty taste, ending on a slightly sharp ending that seems to lasts for minutes.

Gosh, this tasting reads a bit snobbish, doesn’t it?

Overall: Another good cheese. Not the best I’ve ever had but certainly enjoyable. I would buy again.

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