Tasting Notes: Verte Suisse 65 Absinthe


I mentioned previously that I was going to find a bottle, and lo and behold, look what appears upon my doorstep: A bottle of Jade Verte Suisse 65 Absinthe.

Ain’t life grand at times?

I’ll refrain from talking about the legalities and such until a later date. For now, I simply want to explore.

For the tasting, I prepared the absinthe in the traditional Fin de siècle fashion best described here in this .pdf file created by the wormwood society. My descriptions of the Absinthe will be post louche.

Eyes: Opaque and yellowish in look with a slight hint of green. If one didn’t know better one might say that it looks like a glass of over made lemonade.

Nose: This Absinthe makes itself quite known to all around, but not offensively so. The Anise aroma dominates.

Taste: Remember that this has been sweetened by sugar, so the taste to me comes off like the licorice in the old Good n’ Plenty Candies, but not as strong. In fact, there’s a nice citrusy undercurrent to the absinthe that compliments it quite well. Ir finishes quite nicely and it balances the alcohol very well.

However, Tara tasted it and said it tasted like a sweetened version of NyQuil, sans codeine and watered down a tad. So your mileage may vary.

Overall: Overall I enjoyed it quite a bit. I had one glass, as I prefer not to overindulge in my drinks. I was a little tipsy (as it is 130 proof alcohol, watered down), but not out of control. It is a very nice drink and one I would be pleased to partake of again.

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