Tasting Notes: Xanath Vanilla Liqueur

There was a reason why I asked about State Liquor Stores were an archaic remnant of the early 20th century. It was due to this bottle of Xanath Vanilla Liqueur pictured to the left.

I’m not too fond of a great many of the schnapps and flavored vodkas that typically litter the shelves of these places. They’re either too sweet or they reek of hype . Does the market really support five different versions of cinnamon schnapps?

Because space is limited, when a liquor store maintains space for 50 different types of vodka, it means less space for other products. Because of this, bottles of liquor that are truly unique are often regulated to a “special offer” table, if they’re offered at all. Most of my favorite liquors that I’ve discovered over the past few years have been found in this fashion. I realize that I’m not the typical liquor store patron, but part of me still thinks that there are many liquors out there, both new and old, that are not getting a fair shot in the marketplace.

This Xanath Vanilla Liqueur is a perfect example of this. Both Tara and I were very impressed with the flavor fond within this peculiar-looking bottle. While the flavor of vanilla was omnipresent, it was far more complex than that. It carried very distinct taste of honey underneath the vanilla, and had just a hint of cinnamon beneath that. To Tara’s surprise, it’s not overly sweet. It’s a far more complex flavor than that of those found in the vanilla vodkas out there. It’s more viscous than the vodkas out there as well, having a mouthfeel more akin to schnapps.

It works quite was as an digestif, or even as a mixer. We’ve taken to mixing it with 1 part liqueur to 3-4 parts water, poured over ice and then adding sliced strawberries. It also mixes quite well with cola.

I know that when I go back to the liquor store, the chances are slim for me finding another bottle of this exceptional liqueur. That’s a shame. Because there are several gins and vodkas which could easily give up their space for this bottle.

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