texas barbecue – vacation post

minutes away from glorious meat!

[SassyRadish goes to Texas, gets sick, eats barbecue]

Well, we’re right in the midst of the holidays, aren’t we? On the heels of Christmas, New Year’s is around the corner, latke-filled Channukah is a distant memory. In my industry (finance, that is) – most people take off in the last two weeks of the year. I had 4 days of vacation left (from my annual 2 weeks) and so KS and I decided to go to Texas and visit some friends in San Antonio.

so so good in case you were wondering...

My camera finally was working and since I wasn’t going to be cooking and sharing a recipe with you, the least I could do is share some Texas pictures, particularly of the barbecue. Of course, nothing ever goes completely according to plan. The weekend before we took off, I got a cold – and KS made me chicken soup. I thought I would beat the bug in a few days, but coupled with my tired and weak immune system and a long flight, the cold morphed into a bronchial infection and laryngitis (I know how to party!). And so on the second day of our sojourn in Texas, I completely and totally lost my voice. I couldn’t speak above a very faint whisper, and KS and our friends affectionately referred to me as the Christmas Mime for the rest of the trip. Apparently my gesticulations and whispering were quite animated.


Nonetheless, while down, I was certainly not out for the count and I refused to be bed-ridden on my vacation, in seventy degree weather, and with barbecue so close within my reach. I’m convinced that besides azythromycin, I owe my health to Rudy’s special barbecue sauce and succulent brisket. Thanks to our friends who kindly obliged to our cravings and drove us from a food joint to food joint where we stuffed our faced with Mexican delicacies like fish tacos, tortilla soup and other local food. But Rudy’s was the epicurean highlight for me. Barbecue this good was worth waiting for!

brisket... yum baby back ribs -- we resisted the urge to sing the song...

What can I say about Rudy’s? It’s definitely some of the best barbecue I’ve ever had. And it’s mostly hungry locals too, which is a great sign. Everyone was so gracious about me taking pictures, I was doubly grateful. We ordered pretty much every meat we could: brisket, baby back ribs, turkey, sausage. Of course we had to get sides too: potato salad, cole slaw and the best baked beans we’ve had in awhile! I only wish I could have accompanied my meats with a cold Lone Star beer, but I had to abstain being sick and all.

bbq & beer

There are a few locations in Texas – so while it’s not the one and only, it’s excellent and makes you crave it afterwards, especially at 10AM on a Sunday morning!!