Thanks to all!!

I want to thank those who offered their opinion about what they like and don’t like about Accidental Hedonist. You’ve gone a long way in determining just where I should focus my interests.

At least anecdotally, it seems as if a great majority of the people like the mish-mash of topics covered here. I find a great relief in that, as my own interests vary in the food world, and I think I would go crazy if I had only one topic to write about.

That being said, a fair many people have said some variation of “less food politics, more food”. I will work to do that. I will touch on the politics of food every once in a while, for I believe that politics, like cussing, should be allowed every once in a while, if only to shock people out of their complacency.

I’m going to try to go back to researching and writing about foods of other countries, as well as return to the in depth look at ingredients. There is only one problem with this that I can see at this time, that of time. Between my full time job, as well as the book writing, time has become a valuable commodity. The days when I could research and publish two different recipes per week simply is not possible at this time. However, I think I can manage writing about ingredients one week, and then foreign foods the next, lather, rinse, and repeat.

Oh, and you guys will still get to hear about whiskey, and the polls will stay. The whiskey topics, simply because that is what I am working on, and the polls because they garner the largest amounts of comments and foster interesting conversations.

Again, thanks to all! Your input was greatly appreciated.