The Adrenaline of Good Eating

Sky diving, ski racing, a near miss and a fantastic meal all have one thing in common. They send a rush of adrenaline to your head, causing giddiness, excitement and in my case, uncontrollable giggling. They’re a wonderful feeling, the very same one that leads people to jump out of airplanes with little more than a piece of cloth strapped to their back, and I’m lucky enough to feel it after a great meal.

The feeling of elation, the jubilation of eating a new food, a new dish or a new preparation, courses through my veins. Sometimes it means that I babble on about it as we walk home, as in the case of finding the Bamboo Grill, or it could mean that I can’t stop staring into the pot after I made it, as happened after the Holy Shit Pork Cheeks. It is the driving factor behind seeking out new restaurants and finding new foods. On the other hand, the foods that I know give me that reaction, I’ll keep returning to, like a drug, because I know I’ll feel so good afterwards.

Some people need help from drugs, others have to risk life and limb for that wonderful head rush, I just hope that you, like me, can get it in an oh-so-much-more accessible, everyday way–by eating a great meal.