The Best Part of Portland? Breakfast!!

I feel kind of bad that I didn’t like Voodoo Doughnuts as much as I believed I would. I also feel bad because part of me feels as if I insulted a vaunted Portland institution, akin to to going to Paris and saying “The Eiffel Tower? Meh, not so much.”

So let me tell you of something I did like. No, not liked…loved.

Again, for new readers here at Accidental Hedonist, I have an unnatural passion for breakfast. Given the choice between having a great breakfast or having a great dinner, I’d go with breakfast every time. I enjoy finding restaurants who provide new twists and takes on breakfast that go beyond the typical Omelet/Frittata/Pancake standards one usually finds.

So imagine my joy in finding a place in Portland that serves a Scandanavian style breakfast. That place is Broder.

Rather than try to give a blow by blow account of Tara and my experience, let us go rather to the evidence.

These puppies are known as Aebleskiver, also called danish pancakes. They are about the size of a biscuit, but so light and airy that one that they nearly float. Calling these pancakes is an insult, because pancakes could only wish to be this good.

As an added bonus, these are served with syrup, ligonberry jam, and LEMON CURD! I nearly wept with joy when these were served.

Tara had the Trout Pytt I Panna, essentially trout hash, which had the added benefit of actually tasting like trout, rather than potatoes with essence of trout. Too often I’ve seen restaurants go heavy handed on their potatoes for their hash. Not here at Broder.

Added benefit – those eggs? Baked, not fried. Do you know who else does that? Nobody I’m aware of, at least here in Seattle.

Finally, I had a tart with egg, bacon and carmelized onion. It looks like a quiche, I’ll grant you. But they were so light and fluffy, that I could have sworn that they mixed egg yolks into egg whites in order to get this texture.

Both Tara and I agreed that this Broder was the highlight of our trip. I can’t recommend this place enough.

2508 SE Clinton St.
Portland, OR 97255
(503) 736-3333