The Bounty Outside

The most remarkable part of my journey from regular eater to serious foodie is the movement from purchasing all of my food (and mostly at restaurants) to gathering, collecting and connecting with my food. Whether it is by shopping at a Farmer’s Market or actually foraging for food, everyone is becoming more intensely involved in the life of their food these days.

As I returned from a walk the other day, I noticed a grouping of dandelion greens. Noting that the flower had not yet budded, I gather the tender leaves and took them home for a simple salad. This weekend, I have heard rumors of fiddlehead ferns popping out from the ground and razor clam season is open, so I’ll gather my gear.

The beauty of spring comes with something that, before the advent of the supermarket, people appreciated and celebrated with such events as Easter and Passover–at their essence, really aren’t they just springtime festivals? Hence the eggs, the lamb and the delicious traditions.

So as you go about laying out Passover seders or Easter brunches and you think about the beautiful bounty on your table, don’t forget to open a door and admire the beautiful bounty outside too.