The City of Gardens

Victoria British Columbia
Last minute trips are sometimes the best. That is why I am quite looking forward to this weekend. I haven’t been out of the Puget Sound area since a horrible trip to Dearborn, Michigan back in January. So I am due.

That’s why I’m hopping on the Victoria Clipper for an overnight excursion to Victoria, BC. BC…that’s British Columbia for all of you Americans out there. For all of you south of the Mason Dixon line, and east of the Mississippi…British Columbia is in Canada. Victoria is also British Columbia’s state capital, as opposed to Vancouver, which many of us Yanks would probably think should be.

I have approximately 28 hours in the City of Gardens, so I am not sure what I will be doing. I’m sure I’m heading to the Royal BC Museum to see the Eternal Egypt exhibit. Ads for that show have been on all the buses down here in Seattle, and I have a bit of a jones for all things Egyptian.

I’ll probably look around at some of the local parks as well. They bill themselves as the City of Gardens, so it’s safe to say that I’ll be looking up a few.

But mostly I’ll simply be exploring. Yeah, I’ll head on the more touristy things more than likely, but the entire weekend (room and travel) is only costing me $130 (American), which isn’t too shabby.

I can hardly wait. If anyone has some ideas on what I can do there, fee free to let me know in the comments.

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