The Culinary culture of Utah

Oh Utah. You are an enigma. For years I went on through life believing that you had little or nothing to teach me in the ways of food. In the map of my mind, Utah was a black hole of culinary tradition, stuck between the California farmlands and the breadbasket of America that is the Midwest.

Utah, oh Utah. I admit. I was wrong.

The first clue that I was incorrect in my thinking was provided by a piece of evidence that I misinterpreted : Green Jello.

I first heard of your passion for green Jello back when Bill Cosby asked your state legislature to make Jello the state snack. In the back of my mind, I chuckled a bit. Jello? You do know that Kraft makes the stuff, right? The idea of Jello becoming a state snack was as ludicrous as making Cheez Whiz the state cheese.

And then I saw the Jello lapel pins that were sold at the Winter Olympics in 2002. My mind was aghast. I didn’t know whether to mock you, or applaud you. It appears as if you have a severe passion for Jello, and it’s difficult for me to mock other people’s passions.

My tipping point came recently, when I learned of your joy of all things Dutch Oven related. It seems as if you have an equal amount of passion for dutch ovens. The International Ducth Oven Society is based in Utah. You even have made it the official pot of your state. Consider that for a moment : You have a historical evidence declaring your states undying love for a pot! I don’t think even the French have that level of commitment to cookery. You guys are HARDCORE!

Consider this my apology. I’m sorry Utah, that I ever might have mocked your food choices. You have passion and love for food as equal or greater than many other areas of the country. You have a tradition that cannot be denied. The mockery that I once reserved for you will now go to someone who deserves it…like Nevada.

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