The Cult of Bacon

The local weekly tabloid here in Seattle, The Stranger has done an admirable job in covering the recent election on their blog(albeit in an ironic, neo-hipster kinda way). But now that November 4th has come and gone, they have admitted that they are trying to find out new things to talk about. What has been one item that they’ve touched upon in order to fill this void?

Bacon (albeit in an ironic, neo-hipster kinda way).

This is yet another salvo in an seemingly unending Internet meme surrounding the cured meat product, one in which I’ve participated on occasion. Over the course of the past few years, we’ve seen the bacon bacon cheeseburger, Bacon Salt, Chocolate/Bacon Candy bars (pictured above), Bacon Cinnamon Rolls, Bacon Mayonnaise, Bacon Mints, and a plethora of other bacon related items, I think it is safe to say that I’ve had my fill. I’m done. No more novelty bacon posts from me.

(I do have to say that the idea of cinnamon pared with bacon is still intriguing to me, although it would probably be best done outside of the cinnamon roll environment).

With that all said, I’m still curious as to why this meme has taken off to such great heights.

Part of me thinks that with all of this talk of eating healthy, with news stories bemoaning the increase of obesity amongst the citizenry, and food folk extolling the virtues of eating responsibly, bacon has come to represent all that is sinful in the food-world. It is fatty, salt, and chock-full of nitrates (in some instances). On the scale of bad foods, there’s sugar, salt, cream, fat, and then bacon outdistancing the rest of them. Only deep-fried foods may carry a deeper stigma. Of course, this makes the idea of deep fried bacon all the more compelling.

So those folks who delve into the darker arts of bacon cuisine are seen as food daredevils, the risk-takers of their health, all for the name of food and attention. It’s the same basic premise that make stories about gargantuan restaurant servings so interesting. Our super-ego is abhorred by such behavior, but our id sits back and thinks “Yeah, I’d hit that”.

Or perhaps it is simply because bacon is so delicious. Your mileage may vary.

At any rate, no more bacon novelty posts from me. If this attention seekers are looking to impress me, use more lard and parts of the pig that won’t be found on your supermarket’s cooler.