The Domino’s Pizza Story in a Nutshell

Domino’s Pizza: Just thought you should know – Our pizza kinda sucks.

General Populace: Yeah, we figured that one out on our own. Thanks tho’.

Domino’s Pizza: We’re going to do better. We promise.

General Populace: Dude, you sell pasta in a bread bowl. It’s already hard to take you seriously.

Some of you probably have already heard, but it bears repeating. Domino’s has publicly admitted that their pizza isn’t as good as it could have been. They’re getting some good PR from this revelation that may see an uptick in sales as they roll out their reformulated brand.

But for me, the story isn’t their admission, but rather the fact that it took them twenty years to come to the same conclusion my friends and I did back in college.

How difficult is it to screw up pizza? Consider this – one of my favorite pizzas is pizza margherita. This is a pizza known for its simplicity. A nice crust, a bit of sauce, a smaller bit of cheese, olive oil, and a hit of basil or two. That’s it. There are sandwiches out there that are more complex. That Domino’s couldn’t find a technique to make a passable pizza, let alone a great one, speaks volumes.

It’s not as if I have some unwieldy criteria here. After all, I’m of the belief that that the one or two pieces left to be eaten the day after can be passable. I also live in Seattle, which is a pizza purgatory of sorts, where the most popular chain here, Pagliacci’s, would be considered a third rate pizza in New York or Chicago. That Domino’s isn’t even an option here speaks volumes.