The End of the Food Blog War

And, quite frankly, this was the best possible way to end the battle between Chefs and Food Bloggers.

WHO knew chefs see macarons in Christian Louboutin colors? Who knew restaurant plates and saucers are sold like hot dogs and buns, in mismatching quantities? And who would ever expect chefs to be as proficient with a keyboard as they are with a knife?

The answer: Anyone who has noticed chefs are suddenly taking to blogging as if it were the foam of 2008. In the last few months some of the bigger names in food across the country have joined the online chattering class, posting their innermost thoughts, with photos and recipes, just as home cooks have been doing for years.

Of course, that didn’t stop fellow food blogger Regina Schrambling from taking a swipe at those “not in the business”.

Rather than nattering about what they fed their boyfriends last night, or fuzzily photographing their latest batch of heart-shaped cookies, chefs tend to focus on the story behind the food, on the thought process that original cooking entails.

Here’s a question that no one seems to be able to answer. What makes a non-food industry person’s experiences and opinions about food less valid than chefs and writers for the LA Times?

Ah well, two steps forward, etc. etc.