The Fair

On e-gullet yesterday, I came across a conversation asking for advice on what to eat while at the Puyallup Fair. The consensus was pretty clear: Don’t eat there.

People, people, calm down. It’s called a Fair for a reason. It’s not great, but it’s not bad either. It’s just, y’know, fair.

That can easily apply to the foods there as well. The trick into eating fair food is summed up by three words: Lower your expectations. Personally, it’s the one time I allow myself to eat horrible food. I mean where else on earth do you have a collection of restaurants and food vendors that offer elephant ears, Cascade Burgers, hot scones, funnel cakes, BBQ and a multitude of other food varieties, most of which are deep fried?

Is there great food to be had at the fair? Well, no. But you can still have fun. Our group, for example, went searching for the elusive deep fried snickers bar.

However, there is bad food at the fair. I know that I’m going against 80 years of Puyallup tradition, but the Fair Scones are nothing more than biscuits disguised as scones. When you can taste the baking powder in the mix, you know you’ve hit a low in pastry history.

On the great side, I was able to pick up an incredible jelly at one of farm vendor stand. Micks peppourri had several tastes availble to sample. And I was impressed enough to pick up a jar of Cabernet wine jelly, which I hope to use as a glaze on some lamb.

But then there was the deep fried snickers bar.


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