The FDA Science Board Says the FDA puts lives at risk

This can’t be good for morale at the beleaguered F.D.A. Picture this…You know your company is having problems, so you get some advisers to tell you what is wrong, and what is the ramifications of things being wrong.

The advisers come back and say:

…over the last two decades, the agency’s public health responsibilities have soared while its appropriations have barely budged. The result is that the F.D.A. is falling farther and farther behind in carrying out its responsibilities and understanding the science it needs to do its many jobs.

“F.D.A.’s inability to keep up with scientific advances means that American lives are at risk…

As the cliche states – Either you’re part of the solution or part of the problem. According to their own advisers, the F.D.A. is clearly part of the problem.

And there’s precious little evidence to show that the advisers are incorrect.