The FDA, Soft Drinks, and Benzene

Here’s a chance to compare and contrast.

Last week, the FDA on Benzene in soft drinks (and I’m paraphrasing here):

“Benzene in soda? Pfffft. There’s no problem here in the U.S. with that”.

This week, this is the FDA’s take on the issue:

“eh-heh-heh. eh-heh. Remember last week when we said that there were no problems with Benzene in our soft drinks? Yeah, well…we sorta mispoke. It seems that there is a wee tiny problem. But there’s no safety problems…

…we think.”

Dr. Ruth Kava, she of the American Council of Science and Health, believes that the benzene issue is waaaay overblown.

From her article:

Benzene is indeed a human carcinogen at high levels; people who are exposed to it at high concentrations in workplace air have an increased risk of cancer. But the director of the British Food Safety Agency has noted that people would need to drink more than twenty quarts of a beverage with ten ppb of benzene to equal the amount one would breathe from city air in one day.

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