The Lost and the Fallen

It was a simple Saturday morning. Like most weekends, I felt the urge for a good breakfast, and my mind did a quick rolodex shuffle of the type of breakfast I wanted to have. Should I go for the spicy corned beef hash at Easy Street? Or perhaps a trip to Cafe Campagne for their Oeufs en Meurette? No. No. What I wanted was the Eggs Santa Fe that Blackbird used to serve.



Used to.

Blackbird had closed about six months earlier. There would be no Eggs Santa Fe on this day.

Perhaps I am over dramatizing how this scene played out in my head, but only just a little. Following restaurants over a long period of time means that some of your favorite places will cease to be. Restaurants close. This is simply the way of the world.

But there is a bit of sadness to this. We form emotional attachments to places. Whether it was the ice cream place that our parents took us to when we were kids, the restaurant where we had our first date with the person we would eventually marry, or even the place that served a delicious meal that no one else offered, these places come to mean something to us.

And when they’re gone? We’re allowed a brief moment to lament, but not much more. For some, this is all the time that is needed. But for others? All I know is that I still miss restaurants long closed. I’m not grieving per se, but I do have a sense of loss. It’s a damn shame that these places are gone.

For this thread, feel free to add your restaurant that you miss, with why it was important to you. Perhaps it was they made the best french fries, and now you can’t find anyone who can make them as well. Or perhaps it was because it was the restaurant your Dad took you to on your graduation. Regardless, now’s your chance to lift a metaphorical glass to them and toast their passing.