The Mystery of the Bangkok Cobbler

I typically give restaurants great leeway when I critique them. When I review a place, I try to focus more upon how a person reacts to the food rather than the food itself. What this inevitably means is that there are many times that I come across items that make me say “Well, I don’t like this, but I can see where someone else might”. It’s rare that I come across something that makes me say “This? This is just horrible. What the hell were they thinking when they made the choice to present this on their menu?” In fact, yesterday was the first time in probably a decade or so that I had such a moment.

A group of my friends and I had decided upon a small Thai restaurant a few miles from where we work. The lunch was cheap, not great but good, and as a work lunch is concerned, it was acceptable.

But then Brent decided to order dessert. There were several options on the menu, and the one decided upon was called the “Bangkok Cobbler” described as Sweetened Black Sticky Rice topped with Coconut Ice Cream.

Had that been all that was delivered, the dessert would have been consumed, and then forgotten in a matter of days, if not hours.

But wedged between the sticky black rice and the scoop of coconut ice cream was an entire English muffin, unsliced and untoasted.

I was stunned. More so than any of my lunch companions I should add. It was just…well…wrong. It wasn’t just wrong in very small and slightly nuanced way. It was wrong on many levels. This dish that was being eaten in front of me was the first clear example of what I call the “What the HELL were they thinking” kind of dish.

Why a starch between the rice and the ice cream? And why the very un-Thai like English Muffin? And why the hell if your going to put an English Muffin in a dessert are you not going to toast it? Were there not any better options to put between the rice and the ice cream?

I started doubting myself. Was there something about Thai culture and the English Muffin of which I was unaware? Is it common practice to put some sort of bread between the rice and the ice cream? Clearly the Bangkok Cobbler was rocking my world, making me question my own food knowledge. I mean really..What. The. Hell???

So my question to you readers out there is this: Have you ever had any “What the Hell were they thinking?” dishes? If so, what was it about them that made you ask that question?

And if anyone could give me any insight into the Bangkok Cobbler, it may help me sleep easier this weekend.

Jeez…An English Muffin…between sticky rice and ice cream…untoasted?!? What the hell?