The New Writers

Before announcing the new writers, I want to give a gracious thank you to the four outgoing writers that have given their time and effort for the past six months. Ben, Charmian, Maura, and Emily have all made it enjoyable to read this site, and their work has added to the level of quality to this site. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend adding their sites to your respective RSS feed readers.

And now, the new writers.

On Thursdays, and starting tomorrow, is Jennifer Heigl of The Daily Blender.

Saturdays will bring you Naomi, of the site The GastroGnome.

Tuesdays will be Cheryl Sternman Rule from 5 second rule.

Finally, Wednesdays will be the day that Dave Katz will bring his meat expertise from Get Your Grill On.

I’m quite looking forward to the next six months, and I hope you all welcome these new writers with open arms and an open mind.