The Path from Food to Beer

I put this for informational purposes only, as part of the research into beer. These equations, created by the late Professor Paul Mangelsdorf of Harvard, seek to explain the evolutionary road to beer and brewing.

  1. Cereal + Heat = Production of popped or parched cereals
  2. Cereal + Heat + Water = Production of gruel or porridge
  3. Cereal + Heat (and/or grinding) + Water + Heat = Production of unleavened bread
  4. Cereal + Heat (and/or grinding) + Water + Yeast + Heat = Production of leavened bread
  5. Cereal + Water (+ Sprouting) + Drying + Grinding + Water + Yeast = Production of Beer

One point here: There is one hypothesis flying about that beer occurred prior to bread making in the history of food. While there is no evidence that can either support nor deny this hypothesis, Professor Mangelsdorf’s “equation” above does demonstrate that making beer is slightly more complicated than making unleavened AND leavened bread. While this does not prove with certainty that unleavened bread nor leavened bread was made before beer, it does, I think, put the onus on the “Beer first” crowd to make their case more thoroughly.