The Path from Organic to Local

Here’s a nice article about CSA’s from Myrtle Beach Online. CSA’s, for those of you not in the know, is an arrangement between an individual and a farm, where the individual pays for a share of the farmer’s bounty, and the farmer supplies the bounty over a course of the growing months.

But the overview of CSA’s is not what caught my attention in the article. Instead it was this following statement.

“The people who are eating locally now are the people who were eating organic four to five years ago,” she said. “It’s a natural progression.”

That’s the kind of statement that should make some in the Industrial Agri-Business take notice. If there is some level of food choice evolution going on here (i.e. people who are eating organic today will be the consumers of local foods tomorrow), then there’s bound to be some revenue migration that’s going to occur in the near future.

I wonder just how likely this scenario may be.