The Power of Blogs in Food & Wine

Once upon a time, Trader Joes was placing this wine on their shelves— a Chiaro del Bastardo Italian white wine that costs $6.99. Mark Fisher, writer of the wine-blog Uncorked had read about this deal and thought it worth checking out, being a fan of reds that the were made under the same label.

When he got to the store, something was amiss…

About two-thirds of the bottles were what I’d expect to be the color for a 2003 dry white: straw/pale green. The other one-third were deep golden; they looked more like 15-year-old Sauternes. The bottles sat side by side, labeled identically.

Both the Managment of his local Joe’s and the nationwide management were initially less than helpful in solving the problem. That is, until he wrote about it on his web blog. Then they decided to do something about it.

Too bad it wasn’t quite enough. What Trader Joe’s thought was a local issue is now a national one. Now they’ve removed the wines from all stores nationwide while they try to figure out what went wrong.

Kudos to Uncorked for showing the power of blogs!

Thanks to Tom at Fermentations for pointing this out as well.

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