The Pressure of Cooking

My elation at having been invited to a potluck dinner of fabulous foodies and lovely ladies about town died almost as quickly as it started. Joy ground to a screeching halt as I flipped through my mental recipe book. Then scanned the actual bookshelf for cookbooks. What the hell could I make?

Whether you are cooking for a friend or two or for a crowd, you always want them to like your food. Choosing a dish tailored to the taste of a person or two is easy, but one that can please a crowd is not. And to bring to a potluck of foodies? Catastrophe!

Top Chef flashbacks enter my head. Keep it simple, go with what you know. But what if they don’t like what I know? And lets be honest, some of my favorite dishes aren’t the prettiest…

Deep breaths, I told myself. There will be any number of other dishes there. I’ll just sneak mine in under the radar…Yeah, right. Not while I’ve got food blogger credentials to uphold. Right now I’m leaning towards the Berebere Spiced Eggplant Bartha pictured above. The chickpea crepes I made it with in the picture were a lot of work, I’m thinking about substituting lettuce wraps in, for crunch and color.

What’s your go to potluck dish? A crowd pleaser? A personal favorite? Or just whatever you can throw together at the last minute?