The Second Gin In My Final Four

So now we have a second gin in my final four, namely Plymouth English Gin, whose smoothness and restraint on the botanicals easily beat out the overly-alcoholic and overly-junipered Beefeater.

If you’re looking for a great example of what the idea of “balance” is in spirits, Plymouth Gin would be a great place to start.  No one specific flavor stands out, even with the usual obvious juniper sitting in the midst of their recipe. But here it words with the botanicals, rather than trying to compete with them.  On the back of the palate, I taste a bit of lemon, but that’s on the finish. It doesn’t dominate. Even the alcohol works in concert with the other ingredients, and it does not overpower. Plymouth is a wonderful gin, and Beefeater, with it’s one trick pony of a flavor profile, never really had a chance.


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