The Simplicity of the Taco

In talking about Taco Bell the other day, I left feeling as if I wanted to set the record straight. Namely, tacos are quite possibly the best example of how simplicity can bring more joy than the most complicated of dishes, prepared and presented under watchful eyes.

But let’s get one thing clear: when I talk of tacos, I don’t mean the ones made with hard corn shells made by the Ortega company. Nor do they have lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese or sour cream added. These tacos of which I speak are, as I said, simplicity defined.

Namely- soft maize or flour tortillas, with meat.

Boom…that’s it. Sure one can get Mexican cheeses added or some sort of salsa, onions or beans. But truthfully? The meat is the king of the taco, and the tortilla is the queen. Everything else plays in the court of the royal couple.

Next time you take a bite into an Americanized Taco, figure out what is the primary taste that comes forth. If it’s lettuce ( especially iceberg lettuce) or sour cream, you may need to evaluate just what your missing.