The State of Water to Come?

Nestle gets to pump water out of drought-stricken Florida for nearly no money, and re-sell it in bottled water.

Nestle bottles that water, ships it throughout the Southeast — much of it to Georgia and the Carolinas — and makes millions upon millions of dollars in profits on it.

The state granted Nestle permission to draw so much water against the strong recommendation of the local water management district staff. Because drought conditions were stressing the Madison Blue Spring, the staff said the amount of water drawn on the permit should be cut by more than two-thirds.

So while Florida is in a bitter dispute with its state neighbors over water use, it’s giving its water away to a private company that bottles and ships it to those very same states.

The water issues that have been hitting those countries dealing with the IMF have now arrived in the States. Joy.

via BoingBoing