The Stupid things Food Executives Say

Jones Soda, found right in the heart of my hometown, is trumpeting their release of 12 ounce canned soda sweetened with Pure Cane Sugar instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup.

The stupid thing said was uttered by Peter van Stolk.

Converting from HFCS to Pure Cane Sugar with our new our 12 ounce can line truly differentiates Jones and provides the consumer with a healthier alternative.

For a bit of context, let me make the following statement: Hitting your thumb with a hammer eleven times is healthier than hitting your thumb a dozen times.

Mr. van Stolk, while I’m a fan of your company and applaud you for going for the better tasting cane sugar in place of the government subsidized corn syrup, you are in fact still selling sugar laden soda and not a vitamin-enriched weight loss supplement that also cures the flu. There isn’t anything healthy about Jones soda.

But thanks for providing me a decent laugh this morning.

UPDATE: Mr. van Stolk mentions in the comments (no, really) that

…what I said was “pure cane sugar is a healthier alternative to HFCS”. If you think that is stupid, I am ok with that.

Upon reflection his quote is not stupid per se, but perhaps a bit presumptuous. And for the record, I had made the same presumption. But the fact remains that there has been no scientific study that has said that cane sugar is better for a person than HFCS. Lord knows I’ve tried to find one.

Marion Nestle, the food nutritionist and writer of such books as “Food Politics” and “What to eat” has stated that she could draw no distinction between cane sugar and HFCS. In her eyes, a sugar is a sugar, and neither items was one worth indulging in excessively.

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