The Sweet-Saltys

We food bloggers tend to get a little bit snotty, a little bit uppity when it comes to our food.

Sure, there has recently been a bit of a bacon revolution, and people seem to be descending from their “foam” highs to actually consume food that is chewable, but there is something about discovering the next new under-appreciated fruit or finding out a way to make a vegetable you hated as a child fit for a dinner party that seems to grace every food blogger’s blog… and every once in awhile, I find it rather monotonous.

What no one ever talks about is the sort of disorganized and slightly irresponsible eating that everyone has done at one point in their lives. The kind of cravings that make eating an entire pint of ice cream sound like a pretty good idea.

I just want to know what’s wrong with not planning your meals once in awhile. Or even, what’s wrong with not eating any meals at all? Yes, I know… as a life plan, spending your day snacking is probably not a good idea, but with how food-obsessed our blogs make us, sometimes a day of eating just what I’m craving at that particular moment, no matter how strange, uninteresting, or unphotogenic it may be, is one of the most relaxing things.

My roommate and I call these cravings “the sweet-saltys,” a sort of venture through your fridge when you didn’t really have any food on hand, and you end up making a variety of small snacks throughout the day to keep you going, alternating sweet and savory to keep it interesting.

As much as I love taking pictures of what I make, writing recipes, and otherwise contributing food to the blogging world, every once in awhile, it’s nice to take my mind off my planning, off my recipes, and just to allow myself not to think about what the next big thing in food, whether it be a new version of chocolate chip cookies or a way of concentrating flavors into powders or liquefying them and slurping them out of straws, will be.