The Topics of The New Accidental Hedonist

Trying to determine what the topics will be is akin to me looking at the JCPenney Christmas catalog when I was eight. There’s likely too much that I want.

So, some ground rules – There should be no more than five topics at any given time, and no less than three. It’s likely that if I’m trying to run five topics, that one will get lost in the shuffle, but at least this gives us a frame to work within. So…

Topic 1 – The Spice Trade

The next three are essentially test runs to see what works and what does not.

Topic 2 – New York City: as I will be in New York City over Memorial Day Weekend, this gives us a bit of time to do some research, read up on the place, and get jazzed about The Big Apple. I expect this topic to finish the first week of June.

Topic 3 – Martinis: A short (six month) basic introduction into the world of the Martini, it’s history, and how to make a great one. Finish line: First week of September.

Topic 4 – As I want you, the readers, to get involved, one of my first posts will be about this topic. I’ll fill you in at that point.

And finally

Topic 5 – Site Philosophy. I have no idea on how long this will last, nor even what it will look like, but the goal is to allow and encourage discussion, but within a certain boundary. This will likely last several months as we play through the other topics and see what occurs.

Remember, at the end of each topic, a new one will be discussed and/or announced. My friends and I are already in discussions about what topic to cover after New York, (hint – voodoo may be involved), and the long term goal is to make the choice of topics interactive on some level (although to what degree still needs worked out).