The Truth About Absinthe

Wired’s headline says all you need to know about Absinthe:

Sorry, Absinthe Trippers: Scientists Say You’re Just Really Drunk

The long-cherished idea that absinthe, an anise-flavored alcoholic beverage with a history of use by artists like Van Gogh and Picasso, is or ever was hallucinogenic might have met its death by data today.

German scientists put old bottles of the substance to the test and found that the liquid is 70 percent alcohol (140 proof) and 0 percent hallucination.

“All things considered, nothing besides ethanol was found in the absinthes that was able to explain the syndrome ‘absinthism’,” the researchers wrote in an open-access paper in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

It will still take about ten years or so to bury this urban legend though. Some people simply must believe in the green fairy.

Now will someone answer the question “Why do people insist on paying $100 for Czech Absinthe?”