The Vegetarian 100

Balancing the Omnivores 100 is Barbara‘s Vegetarian 100, to which I am glad to fill out, because I need to improve my vegetarian credibility.

Oh wait, these lists don’t work this way either.

Anyways, for your reading pleasure. And as always, feel free to comment below. And give Barbara some love by filling it out yourself.

1. Real macaroni and cheese, made from scratch and baked – Absolutely. And made it myself.

2. Tabouleh

3. Freshly baked bread, straight from the oven (preferably with homemade strawberry jam) – Many, many times, but not recently.

4. Fresh figs

5. Fresh pomegranate – A tremendous pain in the ass. All that work? Feh.

6. Indian dal of any sort – I tend to go the Aloo routes in Indian restaurants.

7. Imam bayildi

8. Pressed spiced Chinese tofu – With apologies to Ben, Tofu is a turn off.

9. Freshly made hummus With olive oil drizzled on top? Mmmmmm.

10. Tahini – I worked at a Persian counter fast food restaurant in Columbus back in ’89. Had Tahini there.

11. Kimchi – Recently had Kim Chi at a Teriyaki restaurant here in Redmond. The owner came out of the back room to see who the heck ordered it, because it very rarely sells there. She was quite amused.

12. Miso

13. Falafel I love Falafel. With a bit of Tzatziki sauce? Yum!

14. Potato and pea filled samosas – Almost a standard order when I go to Indian restaurants.

15. Homemade yogurt – Made my own.

16. Muhammara

17. Brie en croute – Hells Yeah!

18. Spanikopita – Greek foods were not well represented on the Omnivore’s list.

19. Fresh, vine-ripened heirloom tomatoes

20. Insalata caprese

21. Stir-fried greens (gai lan, bok choi, pea shoots, kale, chard or collards)

22. Freshly made salsa – Made my own.

23. Freshly made guacamole – Also made my own. You should too.

24. Creme brulee – C’mon. This is a standard dessert for most restaurants.

25. Fava beans – in a dip.

26. Chinese cold sesame peanut noodles – With a but pf peanut sauce too boot.

27. Fattoush – At Greek restaurant in DC. My guess is that while many Koreans get into the Teriyaki biz here in the PacNW, many Arabs run Greek restaurants, sneaking Arabic foods onto the menu. Just a guess (and my own stereotype).

28. New potatoes

29. Coleslaw – Way too many times to count. Last night the most recent.

30. Ratatouille – I feel as if I have to apologize for this one.

31. Baba ganoush

32. Winter squash – Not often enough, however.

33. Roasted beets – Not roasted, no.

34. Baked sweet potatoes – Hell yeah! With a bit of sour cream!

35. Plantains – Fried, of course.

36. Chocolate truffles

37. Garlic mashed potatoes

38. Fresh water chestnuts – Not fresh, no. I’m guessing they were always canned.

39. Steel cut oats – with cranberries.

40. Quinoa

41. Grilled portabello mushrooms

42. Chipotle en adobo – Here in Seattle.

43. Stone ground whole grain cornmeal In many different ways.

44. Freshly made corn or wheat tortillas – Also here in Seattle.

45. Frittata Not my typical preference for serving eggs, but still will do.

46. Basil pesto

47. Roasted garlic

48. Raita of any type – Mint, served with naan.

49. Mango lassi – Much preferred to the salted.

50. Jasmine rice (white or brown)

51. Thai vegetarian coconut milk curry

52. Pumpkin in any form other than pie – Pumpkin soup, thank you very much. And the seeds too.

53. Fresh apple pear or plum gallette

54. Quince in any form – Baked my own.

55. Escarole, endive or arugula

56. Sprouts other than mung bean – *shrug*, never gave sprouts much thought.

57. Naturally brewed soy sauce – At a Sushi bar in Las Vegas.

58. Dried shiitake mushrooms

59. Unusually colored vegetables (purple cauliflower, blue potatoes, chocolate bell peppers…) – Orange Cauliflower.

60. Fresh peach ice cream – Oh. I just realized I can die a happy person. It’s been a long while, but yes! Made by my mother back in the seventies.

61. Chevre

62. Medjool dates – We’ve some on our counter at home right this instance.

63. Kheer

64. Flourless chocolate cake

65. Grilled corn on the cob – Many times long ago.

66. Black bean (or any other bean) vegetarian chili – Meh. Not a fan.

67. Tempeh – Just to see what it tasted like. This would have been back in 2000.

68. Seitan or wheat gluten

69. Gorgonzola or any other blue veined cheese – !!!

70. Sweet potato fries – again, !!!. Love these!!

71. Homemade au gratin potatoes

72. Cream of asparagus soup

73. Artichoke-Parmesan dip

74. Mushroom risotto

75. Fermented black beans

76. Garlic scapes – Just this past summer for the first time.

77. Fresh new baby peas

78. Kalamata olives – Way too many times to count. My olive of choice.

79. Preserved lemons – Does sugared count? I’ll say it does.

80. Fried green tomatoes – Most recently in Louisville.

81. Chinese scallion pancakes

82. Cheese souffle – Made at home.

83. Fried apples

84. Homemade frijoles refritos – Not made at home. However, I’ve had some made on site at a few restaurants.

85. Pasta fagiole – I survived on this stuff after major surgery back in 2000.

86. Macadamia nuts in any form

87. Paw paw in any form – Many, many years ago. Offered to us by our Italian neighbors.

88. Grilled cheese sandwich of any kind

89. Paneer cheese

90. Ma Po Tofu (vegetarian style–no pork!)

91. Fresh pasta in any form – Heh heh. Just recently.

92. Grilled leeks, scallions or ramps – Not grilled, no.

93. Green papaya salad

94. Baked grain and vegetable stuffed tomatoes

95. Pickled ginger – Sushi requirement.

96. Methi greens

97. Aloo paratha – I’m going to say no, but my memory says “Maybe”.

98. Kedgeree – Alas, the kedgeree I’ve had contained fish. So, not vegetarian.

99. Okra Friend Okra with Tobasco!

100. Roasted brussels sprouts – Much better as an adult. I hated these as a kid. They’re acceptable now.

A quick count gives me 75 of these. Not bad. One observation. Most of the items I noted on the Omnivore’s 100 came from restaurant purchases, many of these I made myself. I think that means something but it’s still too early here on the West Coast for me to make any sense of it.