The Weight Loss Diaries

One of the problems with doing a food blog over the course of the last two and a half years is the lack of eating discipline that I’ve become accustomed to. Working at a job where I review documents all day (Yes, I live the high life), and then coming home to a kitchen or heading to the restaurant du jour has led to the unfortunate gain of weight.

When starting Accidental Hedonist, I was south of the Lane Bryant line. Now I’m on the other side. No offense to the fine folks and fans of Lane Bryant, but I am happier when I weighed less than I currently do.

I’m thinking of calling this the Sam Breach diet, where one puts their weight loss goals in front of all the world to see. But instead of doing WeightWatchers, I will instead be trying a different approach. My time frame? I have none. My goal? To lose 20% of my current body weight – you don’t think I’d tell you my actual weight do you?

Every Saturday, I will endeavor to bring you updates on my status, with that day being the official weigh-in day. Meanwhile, I will explore other aspects of the weight loss and diet industry and see what I can find. And I’ll hope that I can hold my self to this.

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