The Worlds Worst Soda

I’m home ill today. I’m not sure why I’m telling you all that, as it has very little to do with food. But, eh, people have been telling me to be a little more personable on the blog. Consider this you getting to know me better. :-P

Tara and I spent the part of the day on Saturday shopping at Uwajimaya, possibly my second favorite place to shop in all of Seattle. The best part about this place is that it is the place to find imported foods and products from East Asia. If you want Pocky or any other of Mass Produced Japanese products, this place is Nirvana.

Which is how I came across this soda, called, without a trace of irony, Ice Cream Soda. It’s an imported Japanese soda, and it’s perfectly, beautifully, horrible. Here’s what I think would be the recipe if one wanted to make this drink at home.

Take 300 ml of carbonated water. Place in eight packs of Bubble Yum. Allow to set overnight to extract the bubble gum flavor.

The next morning, remove the gum, add twenty-seven servings of cotton candy. Allow to melt. Add one drop of blue food coloring. Serve.

It is so sweet. SO sweet. I have no idea on the taste for sweets held by Japanese children, but I’ve never tasted a drink like this. For all of my kvetching about American Soda, there’s little in comparison to this.