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A little while ago, I did a post about kitchen essentials – gadgets and electronics you couldn’t live without. Today, I’d like to find out from you, dear readers, what ingredients must you always, always have in your kitchen (pantry or refrigerator) in order to feel like you could pull together a meal without much planning in advance or should company show up for dinner at the last moment? Each one of us, I am sure, has a different list of “essentials” – and I’m not talking about the basic pantry staples: eggs, sugar, milk. I’m talking about items you constantly keep in the fridge because they help you complete a dish. I’ll give you my list down below, but I, for example, have a hard time if we don’t have any onions in the house. It pretty much stops me in my tracks and the next thing you know, I’m reaching for the phone ordering take-out.

So without delays here is my list of fifteen – 15 – food stuffs that I cannot live without (or find myself lost without). I am taking things like salt and pepper for granted, assuming you always have those on hand.

1. Garlic
2. Onions
3. Lemons
4. Ginger
5. Potatoes
6. Eggs
7. Plain, whole yogurt (preferably Ronnybrook Farms)
8. Our oversized bottle of Sriracha sauce (aka The Kickin’ Chicken)
9. Shallots
10. Dill
11. Pinto beans
12. Butter beans
13. Chocolate
14. Pomi Crushed tomatoes
15. Chicken

I can give you a long list of why for me it’s those ingredients and not something else. I can create a few meals from the list above. Now, I have more than that in my pantry, but these are the ingredients I keep on hand at nearly all times. If anything, they are like my safety blanket, allowing me to move freely about the kitchen, calm and with a belief that dinner will come together without a hitch, even if you’re starting to cook it at eight thirty in the evening.

I’m very curious to find out your list of essentials. It, by no means needs to be fifteen items long, but what are your need-to-have-in-the-kitchen ingredients?

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