Things I did not know…Coca Cola has opened a coffeeshop

Clearly they’ve learned how profitable three dollar lattes are, and are now trying to slice into the Starbucks pie. Their business’s shtick? That they are more ‘green’ than the Mermaid.

As expected, the anti-Coke crowd has chimed in, stating that Coke is intentionally meeting only the barest of standards in order to take credit for being green.

Jennifer Wright, founder of Green Shift, which pioneered the biodegradable coffee cup now found in over 150 Toronto businesses, isn’t impressed. “They don’t have enough to brag about. They are basically appeasing people with the bare minimum,” she says.

Which surprises her how?

To be honest, if the anti-Coke crowd wishes to stain the reputation of Far Coast’s new venture, simply keep reminding people that it’s owned by Coca-Cola. Telling consumers that Far Coast is only slightly more ethical than Starbucks isn’t going to do anything. Coca-Cola, as a brand name, is far more shadier and disreputable.

Thanks Jack!

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