This I Believe

With apologies to Jeff Houck of Tampa Bay Online, I want to bring you my own list of things I believe about food. Most of you who have followed me here over the past five years will likely not be all that surprised. But it may bring interesting conversation.

I believe in Italian food.

Related: I believe the simplest food is often the best food.

I believe that there’s no such thing as a great buffet.

I believe that Oreos are as good as Big Food gets.

I believe that one should eat Oreos, nay, any sandwich cookie by twisting it apart at licking the insides first.

I believe that Rachel Ray isn’t as bad as most people believe she is, Bobby Flay isn’t as good as he thinks he is, and Sandra Lee is worse than what most people believe.

I believe beer makers are, quite possibly, the friendliest food people on the planet.

I believe sweet tea is good tea wasted, a sin for which the South should make amends.

I believe that barbecue, of all sorts, makes up for the sins of sweet tea.

I believe there are James Beard award winning chefs who have no idea on how to make a decent corned beef and hash.

I believe that the Food Network is best at drumming up ratings, but really sucks at actual food.

I believe that your average American wouldn’t know a good beer, whiskey, cheese, and chocolate even if you wrapped them in a box, and delivered it to them via UPS, and said “try this! It’s better than anything else you ever had!”

I believe that Safeway, Kroger, and other major supermarkets don’t get put under enough scrutiny by the food world.

Ditto Dean’s Dairy.

I believe that food trends come and go, but diners are here forever.

I believe that American’s should embrace their local pub/tavern as a community center.

I believe that Kraft Singles are the worst thing put on this planet, but I believe that Velveeta has its time and place (mostly on Tex-Mex).

I believe that there are several well-known food magazines that aren’t worth the price we pay for them.

I believe that recipes shouldn’t be copyrighted (Do you hear that Chris Kimball?)

I believe that there are hundreds of different ways to make a decent chocolate chip cookie.

I believe that there are some foods that are best served as leftovers.

And I believe that this list is far from comprehensive.

What do you believe?