This is why am I a doofus

I’m walking around Vancouver, taking in all of the differences between Canada and the US (The differences are particularly striking when it comes to candy bars…more on that later). And I notice the Gas station prices

89.9 cents is the price displayed.

“Holy bejeezus, that’s cheap”, I think to myself. “I have to get some of that action!”

Of course I failed to realize that the price reflects the price per litre, rather than per gallon.

Oh, I am such a doofus. The plural of doofus by the way, is doofi, as in “Hey look at all the doofi!” This statement is often said by Canadians looking at all the US tourists trying to figure out how to convert litres to gallons. For the record: 1 litre = 0.264172051 US gallons, which means I paid $3.36(canadian) per gallon in Gas while in Canada.

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