This just in: Knives are sharp and Heat can cause Burns

From the Daily Record, a tabloid in England, comes this piece of drivel:


MILLIONS of wannabe Naked Chefs and Domestic Goddesses are turning their kitchens into war zones with a series of culinary disasters.

A study shows more than a third of people have injured themselves with simple objects such as can openers and corkscrews.

The choice quote from the “article”?

‘If you manage to successfully copy one of Jamie’s (That’s Jamie Oliver – Kate) recipes, you’re bound to impress the guests, but unfortunately, taking risks with the cuisine seems to be translating into more risk in the kitchen.’

Oooo.. more risk in the kitchen! How scary and frightening. I dind’t realize that with the high temperatures and sharp implements that actual risk would be involved! I guess I should stop cooking then, right?

Really…what was the point of this article? Besides trying to create drama where none really exist I mean.

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