Tired of winter? Try a Full Moon Party in the BVI!

Bomba's Shack, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Every month when the full moon comes around, I can’t help but think about Bomba’s Shack. Long a staple on the island of Tortola, in the beautiful British Virgin Islands, my parents would often rave of the wild Full Moon parties that would take place at Bomba’s. Sun, sand, drinking, and debauchery – everything an accidental hedonist could love!

Demolished by Hurricane Marilyn during the 1995 hurricane season, Bomba’s has been lovingly rebuilt to the shack it is today, pieced together with bits of wood and other assortments lying around the beach. It isn’t much to look at, but when the Full Moon Party hits, tourists and locals alike paddle, walk, and sail to the beaches to participate. Amongst the dilapidated salt water and wind-battered boards, visitors partake in a mysterious Midnight Tea that’s said to be steeped from local psychedelic mushrooms.

Tortola, and Bomba’s, is a great place to escape to during these long winter months. Local lodging along the North Beach Coast includes Sebastian’s On The Beach, just mere steps from Bomba’s, and the marvelous Long Bay Beach Resort. Just be careful about that Full Moon party! It could get a little crazy!

Tortola, British Virgin Islands