To P or not to P?

Let’s get right to brass tacks here. This display above was found in a candy store near the very touristy Grot Markt in Brussels. It is a display that one would never, ever find in the United States. Having the public exposed (so to speak) to several replicas of a five year old boy peeing is something that we Americans just wouldn’t stand for. Torture? Sure! Candy boys peeing? Well we have our line, mister, and that crosses it by leaps and bounds!

The question assuredly on some of your minds right now is why in the hell are there peeing boys in this window? It is a good question, and it relates, as things like this often do, to an old legend here in the Belgian capital. Actually, several old legends, as no one can seem to agree just why in the heck this peeing boy (known as Mannekin Pis) has become the near de facto mascot of this grand and noble city. Some say it was because his urine helped put out a fire. Another story has it that his father lost him during a fair, and vowed to build a statue in his honor as he was found, if he was found. And he was found taking the proverbial leak. Still another story has it that the boy was cursed by a magician when he was found peeing on the older mans front door. No one really knows how this statue came into being. All we can say with any degree of assurance is that the statue has been around much longer than our own country.

Regardless of the story, if you come to Brussels, he will be close to anyplace tourists are found. They sell T-shirts of him, corkscrews bearing his likeness, and even chocolate.

I never imagined that I would have eaten a replica of a small boy peeing. I did, and can say that it was delicious.

Next up? A marzipan replica of the local constabulary breaking wind.