To the Bottle

Can we have a moment of reflection to consider the glass bottle and all of its greatness?

I had this thought the other day when offered a beer along with a burritto that had been made by Tara. She asked if I needed a glass, which I considered for a moment. It was then that I came to the conclusion that there are some foods that are improved by drinking beer out of a bottle, rather than pouring it into a mug or glass.

This is more of an aesthetic, to be sure. I don’t believe it possible that a beer tastes any different out of a bottle as opposed to out of a glass. But my mind ran with the possibilities – What if the bottle keeps the beer colder? Does the much smaller opening of the bottle concentrate the flavor of the beverage upon the tongue? These are possible, but not so much of a variable that it’s noticable.

But the fact that drinking from a bottle changes the dynamic of a meal is something that’s difficult to ignore. I approach meals differently if drinking from a bottle as a opposed to drinking from a mug. There are some foods that are perfect for bottle drinking – mostly street foods. Tacos, Brautwurst that has been grilled and served on a bun, even fish and chips loaded with malt vinegar all seem better to me with beer from a bottle. On the other hand, there are some foods that it seems gauche to drink beer from a bottle, with a glass being the only polite alternative.

When it comes to taste, it’s not just beer that seemed improved by a bottle. Sodas take on a different aura when in a glass bottle. There are some people who swear by the old Coke bottles. If confronted by two bottles of Dr. Pepper, which one is more appealing – the one in a chilled plastic bottle, or the one a chilled glass bottle?

So let’s sing the praises of the glass bottle. Sometimes it’s the best way to drink a beverage.

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