Travel Advice Sought and The Next Upcoming Trip

Over the course of the next year, there will be four trips of varying lengths. The goal is to, if not immerse myself in confection cultures of Europe and America, then at least dip a toe or two into it.

In two weeks time, I head out on trip #1, where the itinerary looks something like this -

  • Edinburgh
  • Blackpool
  • Bristol
  • London
  • Paris
  • Cologne

Along this journey, I have several interviews lined up, as well as some person goals and plans that are candy related (which I hope will translate into interesting anecdotes). Included in this list of plans include a stop in Cadbury World, a quick stop in Pontefract, indulging in high end chocolate in Paris, and a visit to the Chocolate Museum in Cologne. There is also an overarching plan of finding the “best” sweet shop in the United Kingdom.

Considering all of this, I realize that it’s quite possible that I may be missing out on something. That’s where you, dear reader, come into the equation. For those of you familiar with the areas mentioned above, my question to you is thus: Is there something or someone related to the candy/sweets/confection world that I absolutely should visit? Do you know of someone in the industry that might be willing to be interviewed? Is there a sweets shop that I have to put on my itinerary? In short, what would you do if you were in my position.

Defend your suggestion in the comments of this here post, and if time and logistics permit, I will seek out whomever or whatever your idea. Indeed, it’s quite likely that I’ll end up posting about it on this here site.

- – - – - – - – - -

As a side note – I do intend on providing some real time commentary on my travels via Twitter through Gowalla. If you would like to follow me on either of those two socialnetworking applications, now is as good as a time as any to friend me on those networks.